Helping Estheticians raise standards with national credentialing and continuing education accreditation.

"Being a NCEA Member and Nationally NCEA Certified has given me more professional respect in the medical esthetics world. Thank you NCEA!" –Amy Labuda Velten, Beverly Hills, CA.


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According to Jorie Scholnik in her USA Today College article, the benefits of joining your professional association is a win-win situation for students, for networking, and showing initiative to learn more about their career pursuit. Even better when you put your Association Membership on your resume and social media accounts. Future employers can seek out the motivated future employee.

Top reasons given by Scholnik to join:

1. Internships and job opportunities.

2. Code of Ethics (see under About NCEA tab and your Milady textbook!)

3. Industry Standards (see under Political Advocacy tab - Standards & Positions)

4. Conferences (National Esthetic Teacher Training, and Industry sponsored trade shows)

5. Updates on policies (see under Political Advocacy tab - State Issues)

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Where is your Membership Certificate?

I just noticed at another spa that they displayed their association membership certificate! I thought it was absolutely wonderful! We are professionals, just like doctors, lawyers, etc. so why shouldn't we? It also sends a message to our clients that we show pride in our profession. I'm hanging mine up tomorrow! I challenge all estheticians to get out their Membership Certificates, NCEA Certified credentials and hang them for all their clients to see!


p.s. Most states already require your esthetician license and a facility license be on the wall. Not sure? Check with your state regulatory board

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Your future may depend on it!

Protecting your future as an Esthetician is not just about making money. Knowing and learning what your professional licensing, state regulatory boards and legislators are doing, or NOT doing is key to ensuring the future of our profession!

Post your NCEA Membership Certificate and wear your NCEA Certified pin and...

Bookmark your State Regulatory Board’s website in your browser and check it monthly for:

     i) Board meeting dates and try to attend;
     ii) Meet your State Regulatory Board members;
     iii) Board minutes (if you didn't attend meeting);
     iv) Review any press releases (if available);
     iv) Bi-annually - Download & Review Rules & Regulations
     *Check for revisions & dates - Download & Review Statutes

Learn what other things you should be doing to be involved - Go to Political Advocacy






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