Advisory Notice

The Use of Ultrasound by Skin Care Professionals

In January of 2003, the NCEA issued a policy statement regarding the use of ultrasound equipment. That policy was based, in part, upon manufacturer supplied information as well as other industry data available to the NCEA at that time.

The NCEA has now received additional manufacturer information that leads us to issue an advisory notice to state boards.

There are three areas of concern:

1. The increase in the illegal importation of non-certified, re-labeled equipment.
2. The increase in potentially false and/or misleading outcome claims from suppliers.
3. The usage of ultrasound equipment for phonophoresis treatments which may contravene FDA guidelines and be out of the scope of practice for estheticians.

The NCEA is actively reviewing industry data to determine if it needs to revise its current ultrasound policy statement. Until that review is complete, we recommend that Boards discuss this matter with their state attorney generalís office; that manufacturers of ultrasound equipment supply to Boards a complete statement of usage for their equipment; and examine supplementing information available on the NCEA website. Go to Position Papers - Background to Ultrasound Devices Used for Aesthetic Applications.


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