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National Esthetic Teacher Training Conference 2016

NETT’s goal is to provide attendees with quality, timely education to improve their skills and provide professional growth, while also providing COA-approved continuing education.

Registration is Open

NETTWhen:    Saturday, August 20, 2016
              9:00 am - 5:45 pm

Where:   McEnery Convention Center
               San Jose, CA.

Saturday Advanced Education Conference Program is COA-Approved for CEs.

Registration includes:

• Business, Wellness and Science Track and Hands-on Workshops. See Program here

• Advanced Education Networking Luncheon        (Saturday) with Eva DeVirgilis

• Complimentary 2-day Expo Hall Pass (Sunday & Monday)

• Two days of Supplier Class Sessions (Sunday & Monday)

• Flashdrive of Conference presentations/handouts

• Complimentary Records Verification for all Conference Attendees ($175.00 Savings)
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Early Bird Rate: Until June 15 -  $230 - Register now

June 16 - August 19th - $285 and Onsite Registration is $335.00



Presented by Susanne S. Warfield, NCEA Certified, CIDESCO, ITEC, B.Sc Edu

Susanne S. Warfield, is NCEA Certified, holds CIDESCO and ITEC diplomas, BS Edu.  She has over 35 years experience and is a leading expert on business, legal and liability issues that affect physician and esthetician relationships. Warfield has authored over 450 articles, and 15 books for the consumer, medical and skin care sectors.

At the conclusion of the presentation the teacher will be able to:

  • Recognize this isn’t General Hospital–it’s the real thing.
  • Identify business considerations including income potential.
  • Discuss the legal ramifications of products and services offered in a medical setting.
  • Compare “customer services” in a medical setting vs. a salon setting.


Presented by Chris Jackson, VP of Sales and Marketing, Genesis Biosystems, Inc.

Chris has over 38 years of extensive knowledge that combines product development with real clinical differences. During the last 10 years Chris has been entrenched in the aesthetic industry as part of a manufacturing and product development team. Bringing new and exciting products to the industry is not just a job, it’s a passion.

At the conclusion of the presentation the teacher will be able to:

  • Understand the science behind the procedure.
  • Identify predictable treatment options.
  • Recognize the precautions and contraindications.
  • Determine teaching parameters based on clinical evidence.


Presented by Ginger Hodulik, MS, CNS, Vice President R&D/Co-owner, DermaMed Solutions, LLC

Ginger holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Nutrition, and is a Certified Nutrition Specialist.  She is the co-owner and VP of DermaMed Solutions, where her focus is researching scientific advances in skincare and incorporating them into DermaMed’s whole-istic approach.  She is creating new innovations in skincare with a nutritional basis.

At the conclusion of the presentation the teacher will be able to:

  • Understand the role of good nutrition in reducing inflammation.
  • Recognize chronic health and skin conditions that can benefit from nutritional management.
  • Make the connection between “gut” health and “skin health.”
  • Learn strategies for reducing inflammation and improving your overall health.


Presented by Lora Condon, aka The Beauty Buster

Lora, The Beauty Buster, is known for her no holds barred approach to the beauty industry.   Acquiring national awards for Best Facial in the Country, InStyle Magazines, Best Eyebrow Shaper, and appeared on Dr. Oz for her expertise and book Spa Wars. Beauty Buster Skin Care is her newest venture.

At the conclusion of the presentation the teacher will be able to:

  • Explain the steps of how to become a go-to business.
  • Show the students how to put together a marketing plan.
  • Differentiate between high and low-cost marketing tips.
  • Help students create a money-making event.


Presented by Debbie Eckstine-Weidner, President/Owner, DeRielle Cosmetology Academy

Debbie has been licensed in the salon industry since 1976. Having worked for private salons, a supervisor of 32 salons for a chain and then opening 50 salons and a school of her own. Presently she gives back to the industry by sharing her knowledge to her students and others.

At the conclusion of the presentation the teacher will be able to:

  • Guide the student’s thought process of designing their dream.
  • Describe the relationship between integrity, knowledge and attitude.
  • Assist the student to recognize the necessary behaviors to be successful.
  • Identify students that may need further help to move forward.


Presented by Maureen Vipperman, Corporate Director of Spa Development/Principal at M. Rene, OPL Hotels

Maureen brings her unique passion for spa, wellness and business to the world of hospitality. Her visionary work with award winning design teams to develop wellness and branding strategies set her business apart. With nearly two decades of experience, Maureen is highly established and recognized as a leader in her field.

At the conclusion of the presentation the teacher will be able to:

  • Recognize limiting beliefs
  • Discover ways to “show up in life” and in your classroom
  • Integrate positive role modeling to empower your students
  • Embrace your value in making a difference to the future of the esthetic industry


Presented by Steven Baker, iSMART Consulting US

For 15 years Steven has worked in the field of Phototherapy, creating International training programs and collaborating with key opinion leaders in phototherapy/dermatology. He has ghost written articles on LED technology for trade/consumer publications and now work as an independent consultant helping international phototherapy companies on all aspects of business development

At the conclusion of the presentation the teacher will be able to:

  • Explain the principles of phototherapy to students.
  • Describe the benefits and contraindications of LED phototherapy. T
  • ell their students about scientific literature and how to apply the information.
  • Show students how to evaluate LED devices and their indications for use.




NCEA Certification is the highest skin care credential available in the U.S. for national expertise and advanced training in the field of esthetics.

Getting NCEA Certified demonstrates your commitment to your work, a desire to grow; better prepares you for today’s constantly changing job market and increases your revenues!

For only $29 more than the general admission price of the congress, you can take advantage of this unique opportunity to raise the standards of our profession.

This NCEA Certified Prep Class includes COMPLIMENTARY


A Prep Class is an interactive study group that allows the candidate to further their knowledge development. Its an excellent way to "brush-up" on skills, develop a nurturing mentor relationship with the instructor, and provides more interaction than if the candidate only used the self-study method.

Utilizing the training manual format, the instructor will review study objectives and knowledge reviews, provide interactive verbal quizzes, and conclude the class with a sample written test. This sample test provides the candidate with an overview of how a test question will appear on the examination.

The Prep Class consists of 6 sections:

  • The Role and Characteristics of the NCEA Certified Professional
  • Client Care and Sciences of the Skin
  • Professional Treatments
  • Medical Professional Interaction
  • Risk Management
  • The Business of Skin Care

Click here for full Table of Contents


The National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors & Associations (NCEA) developed the NCEA Certified credential in 2007. NCEA Certified is the professional status awarded to a skin care professional that has met the competency standards as set-forth by NCEA's 1200 Hour Esthetician Job Task Analysis. It represents the highest skin care credential available in the United States and adherence to the code of ethics of the profession.

Those who choose to become NCEA Certified do so for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Commitment to career and the industry
  • Desire to challenge skill level and knowledge base
  • Commitment to personal growth and continuous learning
  • A move to another state where the hours of training are higher than what they received in school
  • State endorsement/reciprocity requirement to attain advanced licensure

The reasons also vary with a person's age, longevity in the field, and future plans. An added benefit is that NCEA Certified estheticians on average, earn more than their non-certified counterparts. Those who are committed to personal growth are more likely to have the self confidence to seek increasing levels of responsibility and, therefore, higher incomes. Regardless of the reason–it’s a good investment in yourself! The NCEA Certified designation could mean the difference between getting or missing out on your next promotion or position. Certification better prepares the skin care professional for today's job market and helps you be better equipped to respond to the constantly changing demands and advances within our profession.

Please visit or contact the NCEA Executive Offices at 201-670-4100.

5:00 – 5:30 pm     FREE NCEA Certified Records Verification
                               ($175 VALUE)

Bring your completed Candidate Application along with supporting documents to this session. If your Candidate Application is complete, your Authorization to Test (ATT) will be emailed to the address on your application within 7-10 days. The candidate must then call to schedule their exam within 15 days of receipt. See Candidate Information Bulletin for testing content and examination policies.

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