Become a NCEA State Representative

State Representative Guidelines

State Representatives are crucial to the mission of NCEA.  Representatives must be willing to adhere to all of the following responsibilities, both financial and personal.  A representative must commit to a 2-year term and may serve for two consecutive terms.
Although this is a demanding position, the contribution to the field of esthetics is invaluable. 

The mission of the NCEA is to define standards of practice through certification and continuing education accreditation in order to represent and advocate for the esthetic profession.

NCEA is protecting your right to practice by...

  • Providing professional excellence through the NCEA Certified credential
  • Approving continuing education through the Commission on Accreditation
  • Advocating to strengthen your voice and position with state regulatory boards

1.     General Responsibilities for State Representatives

a.    NCEA state representative is responsible for promoting the Mission Statement and objectives of the NCEA while serving in this position.

b.    Attend one NCEA National Meeting (January or June - location to be announced).

c.    Participate in conference calls (first Thursday of each month, see schedule below).

d.    Attend 80% of state board meetings.

e.    Within 10 days of each board meeting submit a typed summary of each issue discussed and include a copy of the minutes from the state. Summary is to be submitted via e-mail.

f.    Obtain an e-mail account for NCEA.  E-mail address will be:  stateabbreviation-staterep@your  For example,

The Texas state representative e-mail is  You may use any provider (yahoo, msn, hotmail, etc.). The signature line of your email should contain the following:

NCEA is protecting your right to practice by...

  • Addressing current issues that impact your income
  • Representing your interests at the state regulatory level
  • Developing professional and education guidelines
  • Strengthening your voice in the industry

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g.    Actively solicit qualified new NCEA members (schools, manufacturers, distributors, estheticians).

h.    If the state board website has a “related links” area, ensure that NCEA is listed.

i.    If there is a list-serve or e-mail alert on the state board web site, enroll with a NCEA e-mail address.

j.    Sign up for e-mail updates at or

k.   Be a NCEA Certified professional.

2.    Financial Responsibilities
NCEA Individual Membership    $65.00 1-year (Recurring Membership)
                                             $145.00 3-year (Recurring Membership)
Business cards    $45.00*
Name badge (to be worn at meeting pertaining to NCEA)    $26.00
Meeting Registration Fee (January or June)    Complimentary

Airfare and accommodations for NCEA meetings and/or State Board
Professional photograph (head shot) for website    $30.00*
NCEA Curriculums for distribution to legislative bodies   
Contact Executive office

Personal Requirements

a.    Access to electronic communications (e-mail, etc).

b.    Hold current licensure in good standing within the state they are practicing.

c.    Must have a minimum of 2 years work experience.

d.    Adhere to professional dress attire when representing the NCEA.

5.    State Board Meeting Expectations
a.    State regulatory boards vary in their attendance protocols. Inquire ahead of time with your board to assure that you follow proper procedure.  Identify your state regulatory board members and have their names readily available for reference. It is imperative that all state representatives introduce themselves and NCEA to the state board as follows:
“My name is___ and I am the ___ State Representative representing the National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/ Distributors and Associations, NCEA.  Our mission is to represent the esthetic profession by defining and conveying standards of practice, while educating the industry and the public.”

b.    Follow Roberts Rules of Order and board protocols for speaking.

c.    Be prepared to present NCEA positions/curriculums other NCEA information at any time throughout the board meeting. Each state representative shall maintain 3-ring reference binder that contains all NCEA positions, NCEA Curriculums and other information such as the NCEA Certified Program.

d.    Contact the secretary or executive director of your board approximately 1 week in advance for an agenda. (You may also find agenda on the state website). Be prepared for closed sessions (where the public is not allowed) or an unscheduled change in agenda.

e.    Be prepared to introduce yourself to members of the board when applicable, distribute business cards and obtain contact information for use after the meetings.  Ask how to obtain minutes of the meeting (either email or snail mail).

6.    Conference Call Expectations
a.    Email Executive office with issues to be discussed on calls 1 weeks prior to call.

b.    Have NCEA representative’s 3-ring reference binder available during call.

c.    The call moderator will begin the call PROMPTLY at 9PM est.

7.  Notes
a.    Failure to adhere to any of the above guidelines may result in termination as a state representative at the discretion of the executive director.

b.    It is NCEA's goal of the state representative group to have representation in all states by 2009.  By 2011, the goal is to have ten candidates applying for state representative positions.
* Fees are approximate and vary.